Camp Institutions

This section deals with the various institutions associated with the camp. These were all established as a result of the inmates' efforts, with outside support in some cases. The school was one of the most important ones. There was also a clear need for entertainment. This was initially provided by ad-hoc events and later by various theatre groups and musical organisations. Gymnastics and sports organisations and events were established to keep people fit and active, and a work hut provided space where people could construct things - mainly from wood. Exhibitions played an important part in encouraging creativity. In 1918 an article in the Stobsiade gave an extensive summary of the clubs in existence at that time 1, but it was in the nature of the camp and its circumstances that some clubs, such as the Theatre Friends, 2 had already disbanded. The establishment of the work camps and the prisoner exchanges impacted disruptively on many aspects of camp life.

Last but not least it is important to include the newspaper as an institution which helped co-ordinate and fund activities in the camp.